K & R

Kidnap and Ransom Dilemma!!

What company to choose and can they do the job from start to finish?

Our experienced team has the capability of helping you make the right choices.

We recommend only highly experienced professionals who always work towards building long term partnerships between our clients, our partners and us.
Services Offered:

1. Insuring any Ransom against loss or stolen in transit.
2. Personal Accident cover for any individuals tasked with dropping the ransom money off.
3. Professional counseling of any family members or victims during and after the event.
4. We are able to discuss insurance options regarding other vessels and future transits if required.
5. Liability issues: we can source expert legal / liability advisors for vessel owners and stakeholders if required (should any legal case arise from hostage, family or relative etc).

*We also have local contacts in Nigeria who are able to facilitate ransom collection, secure holding and drop off if required.

*24/7 Medical support available!

Our Services

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