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If you’re in need of security for vessels in West Africa, our team at Secure A Ship is here to help.


We’ve carried out extensive due diligence on our West African agents, affording us the opportunity to provide security solutions in Ghana, Benin, Togo, Nigeria and Cameroon, with Togo and Nigeria being the two principal areas we operate in. Over the years, pirates have become bolder and have undertaken tenacious attacks on ships, making setting sail in these places even more dangerous. Our main objective is to protect vessels, their personnel and their assets by preventing any kind of pirate intervention.

Merlion M at Johor, Malaysia

Within West Africa, we can provide security escort vessels (SEVs), onboard security and stowaway services. The presence of uniformed security operatives and SEVs discourages piracy attacks, with the ultimate long-term goal being prevention altogether. We can also deploy Nigerian Maritime Police (MARPOL) personnel for operations within territorial and inland waters (this is measured from the inward limits of the coastal waterways to the fairway buoy), along with operations within ports and harbours.

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Prior to entering high-risk areas, our experienced teams will advise on the defences of a ship and can provide crew training. Following a security analysis from our team, you can choose to deploy armed or unarmed security teams depending on your preference and your ship’s current flag state.

Our guards are fully certified to ISO28007 standards, and each of our SEVs is deployed in compliance with state requirements, with a team of Local Naval Armed Guards and a Liaison Officer. All SEVs also come fully equipped with the navigation and communications equipment needed to allow them to safely undertake all types of offshore security tasks, such as escorting, field protection and rapid response/intervention.

In addition, our approved partner in Nigeria has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Nigerian Navy and holds all necessary approvals from the Nigerian Maritime Safety Agency (NIMASA). Escort vessel services can be provided out to a range of 200 nautical miles (nm) from Nigeria using Nigerian Naval personnel.

If you’d like to learn more about the services we can provide to vessels in West Africa, get in touch with our team at Secure A Ship today via our contact form.

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