Vessel Tracking

Once you call upon Secure A Ship to track your vessels your team will be monitoring and communicating with your vessels 365 days of the year 24/7 in all oceans and all HRA areas worldwide.

Incident notification procedure

When a new, significant (hijack, attack, confirmed PAG sighting) incident has been detected, the incident will be added to MarTrack and a Flash report is sent to the nominated company POC. Also, when a vessel is in the HRA, it will receive an email every 12 hours notifying it of all recent piracy activity within the HRA.

Flash reports will be forwarded to clients and all Masters.

We will contact your vessels via email and also sat phone if a recent incident as taken place within 100NM of the vessel (not all clients want this but some do).

We will also email every vessel prior to entering into the HRA to let them know we are tracking their vessel not only outside the HRA but also inside.

Secure A Ship has a trigger systmen that allows us to be notified that your vessels are heading into the HRA regions so we can then keep in communication daily.

In order to receive a quote on our services please provide us with your vessels details as follows so that we can upload them onto our server, details required are:

Vessels Name
Vessel communication details.

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